Tarraco, the power of an empire

The Roman legions and administration conquered and ruled an entire empire. On this visit we will explore the Roman conquest, its army, infrastructure and administration. To understand how Rome organized the Empire from Tarraco.
  • Portal del Roser, scale model of Tarraco, walls, Provincial Forum, Praetor’s Tower and circus.
  • 2:30h

This route will take us on an in depth visit the Roman Wall of Tarraco, the oldest Roman monument found outside of Italy and the largest of those found in the Iberian Peninsula. We will see how it was built, how it was defended it and how it was used in times of peace. We will also visit several spaces of the once immense Provincial Forum, the largest in the entire Empire, and we will climb the Praetorium Tower to discover a beautiful panoramic view of the city before descending into the vaults of the Roman Circus.

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