El Áger de Tarraco, la vida en el campo

In the Roman world, the city (urbe) was deeply connected with its countryside (Ager). On this tour we discover how water was brought to the city, the quarries, the Roman villas, what crops the Romans grew and visit their locations. (You will need your own vehicle to do this tour)
  • Aqueduct (Devil’s Bridge), Mèdol Quarry, Els Munts Villa (Altafulla) and Scipion’s Tower.
  • 3:00h aprox.

The city needed the crops to eat, the stone to build, and water to live. To learn more about life in the countryside and how it was exploited by the Romans, we will visit one of the Roman Aqueducts that supplied the city with fresh water. We will also visit the main quarry of la Pedrera del Mèdol, and the remains of a thermal retreat – Villa de los Munts – where the wealthy could escape from the hectic life of the city. On our way back we will visit the mausoleum known as the Tower of the Scipio. (You will need your own vehicle to do this tour)

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