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If you are not a large group, or here on a private visit, don't worry! We have lots of route designed for our individual clients. Explore Tarragona with our year-round guided tours! Choose from our selection of routes that run throughout the year, centered into the different historical aspects of the city and its surroundings. We also offer special tours a few times a year – keep an eye on our website, social media, or newsletter to discover these hidden gems!

We will take a tour of the history of Roman Tarraco by visiting its historic monuments. We will visit its oldest, the Roman wall, and its newest, the Amphitheater. Enter the Praetor Tower and the vaults of the Roman circus.

In 218 BC the Romans arrived on our shores. The war against Hannibal led them here. How did that first settlement become the main Roman enclave on the peninsula? How was the ancient city of Tarraco that Julius Caesar saw and the one in which Augustus lived?

All this and much more to introduce you to Tarragona's Roman past

  • Recorrido: Portal del Roser, Maquesta, plaza del Fórum, Pretorio, Circo y Anfiteatro
  • Duration:hrs approx

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