Tarraco, the games of Rome

Watching chariot races, gladiator fights or venatores combats with wild animals. was a favorite past-time amongst the ancient Romans. But how was a real show like in ancient Rome? Well, all this and much more were the "Games of Rome"!
  • Portal del Roser, scale model of Tarraco, Circus and Amphitheatre.
  • 2:30h aprox.

We will walk the length of the 325 meters long Circus and through its vaults that today serve as basement of houses and run beneath the streets of the city.

We will explain how the races were prepared, how the participants were organized, and then leave for the amphitheater.

One of the emblems of Roman Tarragona, we will sit in the stands where excited spectators watched the fights unfold, and finish our visit by stepping into the arena where the gladiators fought.

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