Medieval Tarragona

Join us for a wander through Tarragona's enchanting medieval alleys and squares.
  • Portal del Roser, scale model of Tarraco, Cavallers St, Mayor St, Old City Hall, Cambrer’s Palace, cCthedral’s façade, Merceria St, the Jewish Neighbourhood and King’s Tower.
  • 2:30h aprox.

Since Count Ramón Berenguer III recovered the territory from the Saracens, the medieval city of Tarragona was a border point defended by its lord, the Archbishop, and a group of Norman knights led by Robert de Aguiló, the Prince of Tarragona. Explore the power struggles, betrayals, and triumphs that shaped Tarragona’s destiny. Witness the city’s evolution and see how Tarragona transformedn it self from a city left in ruins to a bustling medieval center. We unravel the stories of power struggles between the archbishop and the Normans and explore iconic landmarks like the King’s tower, the Cathedral, the Camerero Palace, the Castle, and the remains of the Jewish Quarter.

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